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Tour in Mtirala and Ispani Reserve

Such unique biological variability as it is in park Mtirala, it is difficult to find in any other party. Unique nature, river valley and fresh air lets you hide from city hot temperature. You can engage in hiking, horse riding and sport fishing. There is family restaurant where you can taste Ajarian cousine and unique homemade honey vodka.

Ispani is located on distance in 300 m. from the Black Sea coast about the city of Kobuleti. The boggy place of Ispani is unique because of occurrence of unique simple type: bog of infiltration concerning vegetation and stratigraphy peat. On a marshy surface with Sphagnum bogs   guide will accompanies on special skis. This is international value Sphagnum bog having unique only thing in world. Rain- water - the unique power supply of a bog, passing through the thick layer of a moss forming a dome in height about 4-5 meters over level of the earth and consisting of 95 % from water.

The area of Kintrishi Reserve is about 14 000ha.It was established in 1956 to protect the characteristic Colkhic type of forest, covering the mountains on the both sides of upstream river Kintrishi and its tributaries. Climbing plants make these sights even more beautiful.  The site has camping facilities, with several foot-trails leading to the ancient village Khino and high Altitude Lake.

Tour includes:

  • Transfer
  • Guide
  • Mini BBQ
  • Entry Tickets