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Historical tour in Borjomi

Impressive and health–improving, „stone – town“and a balneological City – Resort: Vardzia and Bordjomi, and all this with us during the 2 days. The tour will start in Vardzia which is one of the most popular monument, which was built at the XII century it is quite peculiar place - strong, majestic and romantic. Vardzia is a “stone city” in where are  hundreds caves. What about Borjomi it is resort in eastern Georgia 900 m above sea level. It is rich with curative mineral waters, forests, highland climate and with beautiful park which is one of the largest nature reserved area in Europe. National Park Borjomi - Kharagauli is the first national park in Caucasus which responds to the international standards; also the park is rich in historical monuments.

Tour offers:

  • Departure and visit to Uplistsikhe;
  • Departure to Borjomi;
  • Accommodation to the hotel,
  • Walking to the Borjomi Park, hiking, riding;
  • Tasting mineral waters;
  • Tour including:
  • Transfer
  • Guest house
  • Meals
  • Guide